The revolutionary Lumber Grading solution

Sophisticated Artificial Intelligence software and specialized cameras to identify defects and grade lumber at production speed!

Neural Grader is the solution to identifying defects and proposing optimal cutting methods, having the potential of disrupting the European and global wood industry. Its innovation lies in the industrial cameras that capture images of each board and, using state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence methods, assign a quality class and detect the defects on each board.


The system is capable of detecting defects and grading lumber at high speed, with an accuracy that exceeds the one of existing systems.The components will be installed on the existing production lines and integrated with the client’s cutting machines. It will require very few infrastructure changes at the facility of each client.

Social benefits

Currently, the wood industry in Europe is more expensive compared to the one in Asian countries, where labor is significantly cheaper. Neural Grader could tip the scale in favor of the European industry.

Environmental benefits

Studies show that such an automated solution lead to improvements in wood waste reduction of over 20%. The wood industry plays a key part in climate change and lowering the carbon footprint. Strengthening the competitiveness translates into a lesser need for substitute products.

Hardware integrated directly on your production lines

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